That is one of the 5 reasons why the smartphone is slow

That is one of the 5 reasons why the smartphone is slow


Hobby bought a brand-new smartphone with high prices, but still a few days to use! There is no end to your annoyance with this phone but it is worse than that.

You may have gone to customer care with it half an hour, but if you have to leave the phone in customer care day after day to buy a phone, then what is the benefit of buying an expensive phone!

Thinking, so many hundred ads on the phone, all really fake? The problem may be due to your phone usage error. So know that the smartphone is going to slow down due to some of your daily habits.

1. Many people do not use the external memory card until the memory of the mobile is exhausted. This affects the performance of the mobile. The less the empty space in the internal memory, the slower the mobile. So the memory card should be used from the beginning.

2. Many people don’t shut down or reboot the phone for long periods of time. But the phone should be shut down or rebooted at least once a week for cash clearance.

3. Many people use the phone in wet hands, knowing that the phone is damaged due to water. It can cause serious damage to the phone. Especially the phone should never be allowed to touch the water at home.

4. Be careful before installing any app. This may cause a virus attack on your phone. Once the virus enters the phone you will be in great danger.

5. Many times, software that is not allowed to be installed, many people try to force the software to be installed on the smartphone. This can cause serious damage to the phone.

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