Here are seven things to think about before buying a smartphone

Here are seven things to think about before buying a smartphone


Pocket without a smartphone today, like a ship without a compass. Not just for communication, you can start to take pictures, download or upload any information, browse the Internet with a smartphone. You can even charge other phones. Before buying a new smartphone, know the key things to keep in mind.

1. There are two types of smartphones available in the market, metal body and plastic body. If you read the phone frequently from your hand, you should buy your metal body phone in the eye.

2. If you have a tendency to edit pictures, videos and movies most of the time, then you should definitely buy a phone with a screen of 5.5 or 8 inches.

3. The processing power of the phone varies. If you use a variety of apps, edit pictures and videos, or play many games, the best thing you can do is ‘Qualcomm Snapdragon 12’ or ‘Snapdragon 122’.

4. Front or back, it is wrong to think that the image will always come good when the camera’s megapixel is increased. So when buying a phone, buy the phone by looking at the camera’s ISO, pixel size, autofocus, etc.

5. The battery life of the smartphone depends on the users. If you use the app on the phone half the time, you need at least a 5mAh battery. If you use less than that, the 1MH battery is enough.

6. Since the smartphone is very personal, you should buy the phone with extra security features such as fingerprint verification, folder lock system, etc.

7. Often, the audio quality of the phone is reduced within a few days of the purchase of a new phone or the sound is not heard properly during the video edit. To get rid of this, you should buy a front-facing speakerphone.

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