Find out some basic settings of Android phones

Find out some basic settings of Android phones


Many people are unaware of the basic settings of Android phones. But in this setting, you can do great things without changing the phone. At the same time, most of the Android features we never use. Let’s look at some of those settings.

Add a number to keyboard:
Many people use the Gboard keyboard app on their Android. In this app, you can create separate rows on the keyboard for numbers to quickly type. To activate this number row you have to turn on the Gboard settings -> Preference -> Number row toggle by going to Gboard Application Settings.

Hide Sensitive Content:
When the new notification arrives, you can see who sent the message or missed call details on the lock screen. But even if the phone is locked, someone else can know it from the lock screen. Find out how to hide the lock screen notification. Click on Settings> Notifications -> right-click on top -> lock screen -> select Hide sensitive notification content.

Chrome address bar below:
Google Chrome’s address bar is at the top of the screen. To take it down, you’ll need to go to Chrome’s address bar and type “chrome: // flags”. Now go to “Chrome Home Android” and select “Find in page”. Now search for “home” and select “Enabled” from the drop-down menu.

Released from Personalized Ad:
All your searches and other activities are always followed by Google. And you have to show ads. To avoid this, enable the phone whose settings -> Google> Ads -> Opt out of Ads Personalization.

Instant Auto-Lock Enabled:
To enable this option go to ettings> Display> Sleep and minimize screen timeout.

Doze off:
This feature saves your phone battery. To go to this option, tap Settings -> Battery -> Three dots on your phone -> Select Doze and app hibernation -> Select the app you want to exclude.

Google Play Protect:
When it’s on, apps can be safely downloaded from the Play Store. Settings -> Google -> Security -> Google Play Protect -> Turn on

Instant App:
Tap on Settings -> Google -> Enable Instant Apps -> Yes to turn on the instant app options.

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