Battery problem with using the app

Battery problem with using the app


Without a smartphone, it would be difficult to go one day. However, the advantages of operating a smartphone as there are difficulties. One of the biggest problems with running a smartphone is fast charging. There are many problems behind this. However, some warnings can be released from this problem. Let’s find out why phone charges are reduced.

Candy Crush Saga: Candy Crush Saga Online is one of the favorite games in the online world. AVG said the game greatly reduces the internal storage of the mobile, faster battery charge and slows down the data consumption.

Pet Rescue Saga: This game is also very popular online. Like the Candy Crush, this game reduces mobile data and storage consumption, damaging the battery.

Clash of Clans: This mobile game is very popular in the net world. But AVG warns, this game does serious damage to batteries.

Google Play Service: Downloading new applications or games all day from Google Play Services? Be careful! This Android app will erase the internal storage of your mobile.

OLX: Nowadays most of the apps are downloaded on mobile. But AVG says that using more of this app will cause the ultimate loss of battery, reduced internal storage.

Facebook: AVG has six names on the list. This app quickly reduces the charge of smartphone batteries.

WhatsApp: Customers use this app almost all day. AVG says this messaging app also damages the battery.

Lookout Security and Antivirus: This security app is very popular on mobile. Even though the app saves mobiles from viruses and malware, AVG says the battery is seriously damaged.

Weather and Clock Widget: This app is number one on AVG’s list. The fastest weather report is available on the net. The app also shows the exact time. But, this is not good for mobile batteries.

Solitaire: Do you know how harmful this battery is to the popular mobile app? AVG says the mobile battery life is gradually reduced due to the overuse of this app.

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